Is the head waiter. Being with us since 1988. Speaking Spanish, some English and German.


Has been our cook and all round lady for 20 years. Perfect for hot and cold dishes.


Professional cook. Is our chef who shared apprenticeship with the owner. Being also from Bremem. He has been working in Bremem and at the Tomate and during 4 years in Florida and 6 years in Sweden.


Cook from Bolivia. Team member for 8 years. Had two kids during this period. Mainly responsible for cold dishes.


The most friendly waiter. With us 2 years.


From Bolivia. Is with us in her third years. Her responsibilities are cold dishes and cakes.


Has been with us for 30 years. Taking care of office and stocks. He should never go on leave since without him nobody finds anything.


26 years on deck. Waiter. Speaks English, Spanish and German and can repair anything. He is our favorite decorator for events.


Is the owner’s mother and the good soul of the business. Being resposible for the nagging, also called drill sergeant. For a year now she is no longer with us.


The boss’s daughter. In charge of the bar and till.

Michael Lienhoop

The Boss.
From Bremen. He arrived in Spain in summer 1987 and fell in love with it.

First he had the restaurant Tomate in the center Fuengirola

In 1988 opened the Ku’Damm Berlin together with his late brother, also in Fuengirola.

He is always kind, helpful and even-tempered.

His staff members love him. Nobody signs off of his own free will.

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